I’ve always been a big podcast fan. Whether it’s comedy, true crime, or the news, I have an episode queued up every time I'm in the car.  More and more I’ve begun turning to podcasts for more than just entertainment. Podcasts have become one of my go-to places to learn more about my profession. 


As the Marketing Manager at Protexure Insurance Agency, it's my job to stay up to date on the latest trends and news in both the marketing and insurance world. Podcasts have become one of my favorite ways to stay up to date. Not only are they extremely informative, but they are also entertaining.


When it comes to podcasts, whatever you want to learn about, there's a podcast for it. As a lawyer, there are tons of podcasts to choose from. The question isn't, “where can I find a legal podcast?”, it’s “where do I start?”


To help you in your search for a legal podcast, I have compiled a list of the best podcasts for lawyers. Within this list, you'll find everything from risk management advice to practice management strategies, emerging legal technology, and legal news.


1. Legal Talk Today

To kick off our best podcast list I want to highlight Legal Talk Today. Hosted by Laurence Colletti this podcast covers current events that have an impact on the law. The podcast is ideal for any attorney looking to stay up to date on current events and their effects on the legal space. Recent episodes have focused on student loan forgiveness, the Champlain Towers Collapse, and elder fraud. With several episodes per week, there are numerous opportunities to listen in and stay in the loop.


2. Un-Billable Hour


Another option you might want to consider on your quest to find a podcast is The Un-Billable Hour. The podcast hosted by Christopher T. Anderson focuses on best practices surrounding time management, marketing, and attracting clients. As an attorney you know running a law practice is more than just working with clients, this podcast explores how to use utilize those “un-billable” hours to manage your business. There is one episode per month and recent episodes focus on legal project management, the rise of contract paralegal services, and talent management in a hybrid work culture.


3. Matters Season One

Next, you might want to take a closer look at Matters by Clio. In this post, I am specifically highlighting Matters Season One but Clio has recently published Season Two as well as a Daily Matters Podcast. Season One focuses on the transformations taking place in the legal field and helping attorneys break free of the status quo and transform the practice of law. Jack Newton helps law firms navigate new strategies, tactics, and the risks that go along with it. Every episode contains actionable advice from practicing attorneys, law firm leaders, and subject matter experts. There is a great episode on resiliency with Jeena Cho, who helps lawyers understand ways to practice mindfulness.


4. Lawyer to Lawyer

You should also consider checking out Lawyer to Lawyer. The podcast is hosted by J. Craig Williams and takes place every two weeks. With numerous sources available today, it is important to take a look at different perspectives, which is exactly what this podcast does. Similar to others on this list, it focuses on examining current events and news from a legal perspective. As one of the longest-running podcasts on the internet, lawyer to lawyer has mastered raising contemplative questions for those involved in the legal industry. In particular, a recent episode is titled “Potential Legal Issues Stemming from the Reopening of Businesses”, which focuses on the legal issues and safety standard changes during the reopening process.


5. Maximum Lawyer

Up next, Maximum Lawyer is hosted by Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux. This is a podcast that airs weekly and addresses a variety of topics including marketing, hiring, and just about anything else you might need to run a law firm. This podcast is great for lawyers running their own practice from any area of practice. We especially like this podcast because it provides practice advice about managing a law firm, most of which is also helpful for risk management. In addition, Maximum Lawyer will also address growing pains and mental health issues that might be common among those who are starting a law firm. In particular, this podcast is great for those looking to start a solo law firm and the risks and benefits that go with it.


6. Legal Tool Kit

You might also want to take a closer look at The Legal Tool Kit podcast. Legal Tool Kit is hosted by Jared Correia and Heidi Alexander. While it only airs once per month, each episode takes a deep dive into law practice management and how to improve your law firm. Every episode is going to include an interview with top lawyers discussing programs, ideas, and services. The podcast also talks about the latest legal trends, tools, and tips you can use, including legal malpractice protection. Because the podcast has been around for ten years, you know there's an episode for almost everything under the sun relating to law practice management.


7. New Solo

If you’re starting a solo law firm, New Solo is a great podcast to tune into. The podcast has been specifically designed for those transitioning from larger law firms to a solo practice. There are many moving parts that go into running a solo law firm. Whether you're starting a practice or have been a solo for years, this podcast covers all phases of a solo career, providing an opportunity to continue learning and improving best practices. The podcast also features a guest interview, as host Adriana Linares talks with someone who has experience in that specific area. This podcast will help you get the most out of your solo practice.


8. Lawyerist

Lawyerist is another exceptional podcast worth checking out. It is hosted by Laura Briggs and Stephanie Everett. The conversations take place with industry experts and cover everything from ethics to marketing, and technology. This podcast gets into the nuts and bolts of starting a law firm and running one for years to come. In addition to the podcast, Lawyerist aims to build a community of small-firm lawyers who are building healthy and sustainable law practices. You can find tons of resources on their website as well as a flourishing online community of attorneys.


9. The Digital Edge

The Digital Edge focuses on the rise of technology in the legal world. There are numerous tech-based topics discussed for attorneys including tech tools, the Cloud, software, and how to grow a law firm using technology. The podcast is hosted by Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway, who are lawyers specializing in technology. This podcast is a must for attorneys looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and the legal profession.


10. Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

For the attorney looking to gain new clients and grow their business, this monthly podcast is for you. Two digital marketers Gyi Tsakalakis and Conrad Saam give their tips and tricks on marketing your law firm and bringing in the cash. All within the time it takes you to eat lunch. As a marketer myself, this might just be my top recommended podcast. But then again, I am a bit biased.


Choosing a Podcast

See something you like on this list? It's time to check it out! Choose one or choose many, the legal podcast world is your oyster.


Whether you're looking to stay up to date on the latest legal news or learn new ways to manage your law firm, there is a podcast on this list for you. 


But, this list is merely a jumping-off point. I encourage you to explore the world of podcasts on whichever streaming platform you prefer. If you are looking for even more suggestions, Legal Talk Network hosts 34 podcasts just for lawyers. 


I hope you discover your next favorite podcast. Happy listening!