There are many apps that can help lawyers be more efficient, and also apps that can help lawyers avoid a malpractice claim. But which apps are the best choice for you, and which ones are going to be the most effective in your particular practice? You may have different app preferences based on whether you are looking to reduce risk, be more efficient, or a combination of both. Here are 10 apps that you should consider, starting with those that improve efficiency and ending with those that reduce your risk.


1. Drop Box

Rating: 4.8/5 
Price: Free-$20.00/month

There are a lot of professionals who use Drop Box, and lawyers are definitely included in that list. This app allows you to store documents and retrieve them, safely and securely. You can also edit them and share them with others. They are essentially secure, but the most valuable thing about the app is that it helps you get things done in a more efficient manner. Being able to get to needed files from anywhere at any time can help keep you moving forward.


2. Docs to Go

Rating: 4.1/5 
Price: Free

PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF files can all be accessed on your iOS device when you use this Docs to Go. In short, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips. A strong login will help keep everything secure, and the increased level of efficiency you receive when you use this app can help take your legal practice to the next level. No matter where you are, you'll be able to get access to the things you need most to keep up with cases, clients, and anything that's changing.


3. Docscanner

Rating: 4.1/5 
Price: Free

Taking a photo of any document and turning it into a PDF right on your phone may sound like a dream, but Docscanner has made it a reality. The image quality is above what would be expected and what's seen with similar types of apps, so this is the one to use. Additionally, it's a great way to turn your iPad or iPhone into a multipage scanner for nearly everything. Receipts, whiteboards, notes, documents, and more can all be changed into PDF files and easily stored for future use anytime you need to access them.


4. Ecamm

Rating: NA
Price: $39.95

Want to go live with information, and record your Skype calls? You can do both of those things with Ecamm. It's an excellent tool for providing information and for collecting it, along with using the record feature so you can go back over what was said at a later date. Knowing what was said matters, especially when it comes to legal issues, and when you have a recorded conversation you have the proof you need that specific information was conveyed and collected. Even if you don't have time to make notes right then, you can play the conversation back later.


5. Imazing

Rating: 4.7/5 
Price: Free-$69.99

With Imazing, you can transfer music, files, apps, messages, and other things from an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to a PC or a Mac. It's a great way to move things around and get them all where you need them. Because of the backup feature, it's also a great way to have some more security with the information you're storing. You still may want an additional backup, but this app goes a long way to help with that and can reduce the risk of data loss.


6. Text Expander

Rating: 3.8/5 
Price: $3.99/month

Sharing all of your snippets, words, and bits of information between devices and with others can be a great way to recall what was said and keep knowledge flowing to the people and places where it needs to be. Text Expander can also provide a record of everything you're working on, so you don't lose any data and can protect the information you already have for each and every case you're involved in.


7. Just Press Record

Rating: 4.3/5 
Price: $4.99

Having the ease of mobile audio recording is what Just Press Record offers, and you can use iCloud syncing to back up your recordings and have them securely stored for later. You'll also get one-tap recording and transcription, so you can do more and get it done faster. Sharing information through the cloud and backing up everything you do has never been easier.


8. Nebo

Rating: 4.3/5 
Price: $7.99

This great app allows you to write fluidly and easily, so you can take notes just like you would on paper. With Nebo, you can quickly save these notes and protect them, along with storing and sharing them. It's built to work with Apple Pencil and works just as well as - if not better than - any other of the handwriting apps. If you take a lot of notes in meetings and for other reasons, the Nebo app is the right choice to keep taking notes efficiently.


9. Courtroom Objections

Rating: NA
Price: $3.99

Responding to objections in court, or making those objections, often has to be done quickly. The efficiency with which that's done matters, and you want to be able to move forward in the courtroom no matter which side you're on. With that in mind, however, it's vital that you refer to rules of evidence and other information that allows you to make the proper objection or refute one made by the other side. The Courtroom Objections app will help with quick objections, and can also strengthen your cases' security and validity.


10. Simple Mind+ Mindmaps

Rating: 4.8/5
Price: Free-$7.99

Everything from the ideas you have to the tasks you need to complete matters. You want to be sure that you're keeping those things straight in your mind, and you also want to protect the information you store about these issues. Mindmaps can do all of that. Having a way to map your mind and get to the bottom of what you're thinking makes it easier to keep your cases moving forward, and also to share your thoughts with others yet keep those thoughts secure and protected as needed.  


Here's a bonus 11th app to think about, as well!


11. Wolfram Lawyers

Rating: NA
Price: $4.99

This is a multi-functional app and can perform a host of calculations and other types of functions. With the Wolfram Lawyers app, you can look up terms, research history, and do all types of things that you need to do to keep a case advancing. It's like having a professional assistant right on your phone, who's already trained in legal assisting and knows just how to find the knowledge you're looking for. It's safe and secure, and not only does it protect the info you need, but it also helps to ensure that you can take your efficiency to the next level in order to increase your abilities and your success.


Risk management is highly important, and when you focus on it and use apps to help you, there is a greater chance that you'll reduce the risk you take in your practice. Nothing is completely without risk, but a reduction in risk coupled with a higher level of efficiency can be an excellent mix. An app isn't going to give you perfection, but using the right apps can make a difference in your comfort levels and how easily you get things done. That helps you and your clients have a better experience, overall.