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What Isn’t Covered By Your Legal Malpractice Insurance Policy?

While it is important to manage your professional liability risk through the purchase of a legal malpractice insurance policy, it is also important to remember lawyers in practice face other [...]

Who Does Lawyers Malpractice Insurance Cover?

In this space, we’ve talked a bit about “what” is covered by lawyers malpractice insurance. In this post, we want to take a look at “who” may be covered by your lawyers malpractice insurance [...]

What Does Legal Malpractice Insurance Cover?

Legal Malpractice Insurance helps a lawyer to economically manage professional liability risk by helping to pay for costs related to the defense of a claim as well as legal damages that may be [...]

Do I Need To Purchase An Extended Reporting Period?

An Extended Reporting Period (also known as ERPs or “tail coverage”) is intended to cover potential gaps between policies or practices, allowing you to extend the time available to report a claim [...]

The Legal Elements of a Lawyers Professional Liability "Claim"

As we have covered in other posts, for insurance purposes, a “claim” is any demand for damages made against an attorney in the course of providing professional services. Not surprisingly, an [...]

The Definition of "Claim" Under Insurance Policies

Lawyers professional liability insurance is issued through claims made and reported policies. This means that coverage is dependent upon whether, and when, a claim arises and/or is reported to [...]

Understanding Your Lawyers Professional Liability Policy


We talk a lot in this space about managing risk through preventative action. But there is another powerful risk management tool available to every attorney—indeed, in most jurisdictions, required

Creating A Data Breach Response Plan

While lawyers must make reasonable efforts to guard against exposure of client information due to cyber security breaches, most tech experts agree that there is no way to completely keep ahead of [...]

Social Engineering: Theft of Data or Assets Through Frauds and Schemes


Often, hackers gain entry to a firm’s systems through the lawyer’s use of the internet. Whether you are perusing the most recent e-newsletter from the bar association or updating your firm’s [...]

Protect Against Unauthorized Entry to Your System During Remote Access

By all standards, lawyers are required to utilize technology in a manner that keeps them in line with others in the profession so that they are meeting common expectations of competency and [...]