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6 Factors That Drive Professional Liability Premium

Every Lawyer should carry professional liability insurance, whether it is required by the state you are licensed in or you just want to protect yourself and your business. Everyone wants to know [...]

5 Reasons Professional Liability is Worth the Cost

Think that professional liability insurance is only for the large, multi-partner firms? Do you think your law firm is “safe” from liability?

After all, you’ve had the same client base for many [...]

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Professional Liability Carrier


Today’s legal landscape is incredibly complex, which is why attorneys and law firms often need professional advice when buying insurance. Before making a decision as to which coverage to buy, [...]

What’s the Harm in Switching Carriers Every Year?

As an attorney in a solo or small firm, you are probably familiar with the professional liability renewal process. Picture this: Your policy is set to expire soon, and you must decide if you want [...]

What is a Claims Made Policy?

As the rush of the holiday season approaches and the hours encroach on an insured's policy renewal deadline, I receive many last-minute calls, questions, and updates. One question that seems to [...]

Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Professional Liability  Insurance Carrier


Whomever the insured, insurance affords the security and stability that is required for the growth and success of a business.  Therefore, finding the right carrier to partner with you and your [...]

What Is An Extended Reporting Period?

You may have heard of tail coverage, but do you know exactly what it means? Tail coverage, better known as an extended reporting period (ERP), is designed to keep the prior work of a law firm [...]

5 Reasons To Shop For Professional Liability Insurance

No matter what kind of insurance we’re talking about, it’s no secret that rates tend to creep up year after year. The increases may be small, but eventually they add up. Professional liability [...]

4 Ways to Save on Legal Malpractice Insurance


Back in March of 2018, while at the Legal Malpractice and Risk Management Conference, the risk management director for a major carrier discussed the importance of engagement letters and the [...]

Mind The Gap: Securing Coverage For Prior Acts

By now you know that legal malpractice insurance coverage is determined on a claims made and reported basis, looking to the policy that is in place at the time the claim ripens and is reported to [...]