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How Roster Changes Affect Premium

Picture this, your small law firm is growing and you've decided to hire a new attorney. You’ve thought about all the changes the firm is about to face and have planned for just about all of them. [...]

Why Lawyers Should Think Twice Before Suing Over Fees

Imagine this, a client owes you money for the professional services you provided. They refuse to pay. You sue them for said fees and get the money you are owed. While it should be as simple as [...]

Top 5 Case Management Systems According to Lawyers

Running a law practice involves much more than just the practice of law, it also includes the administrative work essential to managing a business. It's not an easy task to coordinate both [...]

The “Art” of Getting Paid: What is Your Law Firm’s Collection Rate?

After logging many long and hard hours on a client’s case, it is now time to get paid for the work! However, statistics show that many attorneys struggle with collections.  If billing is the [...]

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Practice

At the 2018 State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting lawyers from around Texas came to Houston to brush up on legal ethics, the latest technology, and practice management innovations. Practice management [...]