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Why Lawyers Should Think Twice Before Suing Over Fees

Imagine this, a client owes you money for the professional services you provided. They refuse to pay. You sue them for said fees and get the money you are owed. While it should be as simple as [...]

Prevent a Lawyers Professional Liability Claim From Ruining Your Business

Maintaining continuous Professional Liability Insurance is the foundation to building a solid risk management program for your firm and is critical to protecting the financial viability of your [...]

Top 6 Tips For Avoiding A Malpractice Claim

We’ve all thought it…Not me!  There’s no way I’ll ever have a malpractice claim made against my firm.  But the truth of the matter is; claims can happen to anyone.  However, the good news is, [...]

Surprise! Reporting Potential Claims Protects You Best

If you have been following this blog, you know that an attorney professional liability insurance policy is written to provide coverage on a claims made and reported basis, meaning that the policy [...]