Mental Illness Among Lawyers

Mental illness and addiction—including depression and alcohol abuse—have been shown to be significantly more prevalent among attorneys than in the...

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Taking Stock In The Summer

Generally speaking, the practice of law is a fast-paced undertaking. Lawyers are constantly bombarded with information. And because every minute has...

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Sharing Office Space

Sharing space with other attorneys is a common and practical way to trim expenses for small practitioners. It can be the path to a more desirable...

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Work Life Balance

Practicing law can be an all-consuming undertaking if you let it. There is always more that could be done, always something unfinished. If it isn’t...

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Properly Handling Funds

All attorneys should know they have a fiduciary duty to safeguard client property and that they are prohibited from commingling their own money with...

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If a claim is made against you by a client, your professional liability insurance comes to your defense. Also known as “errors and omissions” insurance, it protects you from the threat of ruinous legal bills and defends your firm. No practicing accountant should be without it.

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