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Preventing Legal Malpractice Claims With Engagement Letters

Every lawyer has seen any number of articles or heard any number of lecturers or CLE instructors talk about the importance of using engagement letters. Even so, many lawyers still shy away from [...]

5 Reasons To Shop For Professional Liability Insurance

No matter what kind of insurance we’re talking about, it’s no secret that rates tend to creep up year after year. The increases may be small, but eventually they add up. Professional liability [...]

4 Ways to Save on Legal Malpractice Insurance


Back in March of 2018, while at the Legal Malpractice and Risk Management Conference, the risk management director for a major carrier discussed the importance of engagement letters and the [...]

The “Art” of Getting Paid: What is Your Law Firm’s Collection Rate?

After logging many long and hard hours on a client’s case, it is now time to get paid for the work! However, statistics show that many attorneys struggle with collections.  If billing is the [...]

10 Apps Every Lawyer Should be Using

There are many apps that can help lawyers be more efficient, and also apps that can help lawyers avoid a malpractice claim. But which apps are the best choice for you, and which ones are going to [...]

How To Improve Your Client Relations And Reduce Your Risk

Once again, one of the most well-attended practice sessions at the State Bar of Texas Annual meeting was Claude Ducloux’s presentation on “Client Relations: Building Strong and Effective [...]

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Practice

At the 2018 State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting lawyers from around Texas came to Houston to brush up on legal ethics, the latest technology, and practice management innovations. Practice management [...]

5 Can't Miss Sessions at The State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting


The State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2018 is right around the corner! On June 20th lawyers from around the state will descend upon Houston for two days jam packed with networking [...]

What Isn’t Covered By Your Legal Malpractice Insurance Policy?

While it is important to manage your professional liability risk through the purchase of a legal malpractice insurance policy, it is also important to remember lawyers in practice face other [...]

Who Does Lawyers Malpractice Insurance Cover?

In this space, we’ve talked a bit about “what” is covered by lawyers malpractice insurance. In this post, we want to take a look at “who” may be covered by your lawyers malpractice insurance [...]