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How Roster Changes Affect Premium

Picture this, your small law firm is growing and you've decided to hire a new attorney. You’ve thought about all the changes the firm is about to face and have planned for just about all of them. [...]

Why Lawyers Should Think Twice Before Suing Over Fees

Imagine this, a client owes you money for the professional services you provided. They refuse to pay. You sue them for said fees and get the money you are owed. While it should be as simple as [...]

Top 5 Case Management Systems According to Lawyers

Running a law practice involves much more than just the practice of law, it also includes the administrative work essential to managing a business. It's not an easy task to coordinate both [...]

Prevent a Lawyers Professional Liability Claim From Ruining Your Business

Maintaining continuous Professional Liability Insurance is the foundation to building a solid risk management program for your firm and is critical to protecting the financial viability of your [...]

Don't Have Legal Malpractice Insurance? Here's What You Need to Know

In the insurance industry, a law firm that does not carry malpractice insurance is called a bare firm. Typically, bare firms are either newly formed firms seeking coverage, an established firm [...]

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Limits of Liability

With lawyer malpractice claims being reported now more than ever, you may already know the importance of professional liability insurance coverage. But how much coverage do you need? Risks vary [...]

Top 6 Tips For Avoiding A Malpractice Claim

We’ve all thought it…Not me!  There’s no way I’ll ever have a malpractice claim made against my firm.  But the truth of the matter is; claims can happen to anyone.  However, the good news is, [...]

What Every Lawyer Needs To Know About Cyber Insurance

From Yahoo to Marriott, the media has covered several different high-profile data breaches over the last few years and for good reason. One of the biggest threats to your company’s financial [...]

What’s the Harm in Switching Carriers Every Year?

As an attorney in a solo or small firm, you are probably familiar with the professional liability renewal process. Picture this: Your policy is set to expire soon, and you must decide if you want [...]

What is a Claims Made Policy?

As the rush of the holiday season approaches and the hours encroach on an insured's policy renewal deadline, I receive many last-minute calls, questions, and updates. One question that seems to [...]